Preparatory faculty

Foreign citizens shall be specially trained in order to study in Russia in the main educational programs. It means that foreign citizens shall undertake the additional general education program “Preparation for university admission” before entering any Russian educational institution.

Students learn Russian and basic general education subjects depending on the chosen training direction. After graduation, foreigners can study in Russia on an equal basis with Russians.

Traditionally, foreign citizens come to Kursk to study from scratch on a full-time basis. However, the educational process does not stand still and “keeps up with the times and technologies”.

In this regard, SWSU, the first among universities of the city, offers to foreign students a new project – “Cyberpodfac”. This is an online distance learning course for foreign citizens who want to study at Russian universities, which allows them to get knowledge of the Russian language and general education subjects in a remote (digital) format without coming to Russia. Foreign citizens can learn Russian remotely (at home) and get knowledge of general education subjects without leaving home.

“Cyberpodfak” program also involves the arrival of foreign citizens in Russia, in Kursk, by agreement between the student and the university. You can choose convenient time to arrive, when you already have an idea about Russia and is able to speak Russian yourself. Thus, the risk of “cultural shock” is reduced, and the foreign citizen is already adapted to the environment of the language being studied.

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